Viewing Summerleze beach and breakwater from Efford Down


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About Efford Down

The farm was first recorded in 1183 as Ebbeforde. The southern part of the farm (a line from the yard to Efford Ditch (beach)) is anciently enclosed land pre 17th century with medieval or prehistoric origins, defined as having irregular field patterns. To the north the recently enclosed land from the 17th century onwards, mainly in the second half of the 18th century and the 19th century, have stone wall hedges of straight lines.

At the northern most point of the Farm, over looking Summerlease Beach and the breakwater, a former coastguard lookout stands. Known as Compass point, was built by the Acland family during the 1840's, based on the tower of winds in Athens. It is so called as it has points of the compass carved in each of its hexagonal sides.

The Farm buildings appear on the 1880 OS map probably build with the stone from the quarry on site, as would have been the cottages which appear on the 1908 OS map.